Korea Ilpro

Ilpro ? model/fitness model PT inquiry / ? filming and sponsorship Dm Representative of PT shop in Gu-gu men’s muscle fit Shopping mall to open?? #Exercise communication #Mukbang #Exercise worries Follow Ilpro instagram https://www.instagram.com/1_pro_____/

Korea Mook

??‍♂️ Personal trainer WHY SO SERIOUS? Thanks for stopping by? You are beautiful. You are wonderful, I love you, I am happy, I can do it. When you smile, a tremendous amount of magic is next to you. you are attractive Spread your shoulders and go with confidence. fighting ?? Well then~ Follow Mook instagram […]

Korea Byunggu

?Gwangjeong Gongpa 33rd generation of the Gyeongju Choi clan, Choi Tae-hyeong ? CEO of Hanwha Life Lab Han River Project ⚡A man who loves bodybuilding (boss man) ⚡ING Past Team Recruiting Guinness Holders (based on companies over 30 years) ⚡ING Shortest term Branch Manager 3 years and 5 months (normal split) 3 months based on […]